HIV/AIDs Programming

Community Health Programs


HIV Testing Locations

  1. Mobile HIV Testing

    The main objective of the Mobile HIV testing program is to contribute to the reduction of HIV incidence and prevalence rates by providing free of charge, voluntary, rapid results mobile HIV testing in Delaware County. This service enables us to reach the most underserved population with ease by bringing testing to them in a non-judgmental, confidential and accessible setting.

    Our target population is Delaware county residents, particularly individuals at highest risk of HIV infection such as sexually active men who have sex with men (MSM), LGBTQIA, PWID, Minority, Uninsured, Homeless and the adolescent.

    Our program is equipped to travel to other agencies, who might benefit from hosting HIV testing services for various different times, events, or occasions. We are also very flexible in our availability to provide this service.We accept walk-ins for testing at regular work hours (9:00 a.m-4:00 P.M M-F) at our administrative site in Media.

  2. Prevention Education

    The main objective of this program is to provide HIV/AIDS prevention, Sexual Health education and outreach services to students attending Delaware County schools and colleges, churches, senior centers, prisons and other interested groups and organizations. The curriculum and outreach efforts are adapted to meet the current trends related to HIV-risk, as well as Hepatitis C-risk, due to the high prevalence of co-infection, particularly among PWID and those who are HIV positive. Topics of focus include HIV 101, HIV and Aging, HIV and Substance Use, Hepatitis C 101, Condom Negotiation Strategies and Sexual Assertiveness, Sexual Readiness and Planning for The Future. Our Prevention Educators also provide free protective sexual health materials and demonstrations on proper Condom application. Sex education is important because it:

        • Prevents HIV and STIs
        • Promotes safer sex practices
        • Provides information on HIV/STI testing

  3. HIV Navigation Services (HNS)

    HIV Navigation Services (HNS) is a time-limited intervention that assists individuals with access to HIV health and prevention services. These services include HIV/STI/Hep C screenings, housing, mental health, substance use counseling, linkage to PEP and/or PrEP, medication adherence, and linkage to and retention in care. Our Health Navigator;

    • assesses barriers to engaging in prevention and care
    • collaborates with clients to develop an action plan to overcome these barriers
    • Supports the client in implementing their action plan.

    The HIV Navigator works with clients who are currently living with HIV or at an increased risk for acquiring HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. For people living with HIV, the goals of HNS are to be fully engaged in HIV care and treatment and self-sufficiency. For people who are HIV negative, but at an increased risk for HIV, the goals of HNS are to be fully engaged in HIV and STI prevention services and self-sufficiency.

  4. FCSDC Support Group

    The objective of this group is to provide social, emotional and educational support to individuals facing challenges related to living with HIV/AIDS. A continued focus is on reducing physical and emotional isolation, stigma, HIV myths and misconception, while enhancing empowerment. The group is also a safe environment to share personal information and express feeling and concerns related to HIV/AID, S. This support group is offered only to those who are HIV positive.

    Participants meet once a month in our Media office and are provided lunch and transportation assistance. Each monthly meeting features a diversity of topics, activities and guest speakers.

  5. New Voices Advocacy & Outreach Program

    The goal of this program is to provide HIV/AIDS outreach and advocacy in Delaware County. The advocacy staff, who is living with HIV and other co-morbidities shares her life story at different community venues in order to encourage others to get tested and to bring hope and support to those that are infected. The advocacy staff also represents consumer interests at monthly HIV Integrated Planning Council (HIPC) meetings.


HIV/AIDS Medical Case Management

The goal of Medical Case Management (MCM) is to empower persons who are HIV positive or who have AIDS to maintain optimal physical and emotional health through ongoing assessment of needs, linkage to medical care, assistance with retention in medical care, treatment adherence, service planning and monitoring, coordination of services and advocacy.

Our Medical Case Managers meet with their consumers at least once a month to update goals and to determine consumer progress. Case managers meet with consumers in their homes, in the office or any setting that is convenient for the consumer.

We also have the following services available for our MCM consumers:

  • Transportation (i.e. SEPTA key cards and travel reimbursement)
  • Food Vouchers
  • Client Financial Fund
  • 340B Pharmaceutical Program (no copayments on all medications/synchronization of medication/Delivery options)
  • Support Group
  • Peer Mentorship


HIV / AIDS Prevention Education

HIV/AIDS prevention education and outreach services are provided to students attending Delaware County schools and colleges, churches, senior centers, prisons and other interested groups and organizations.

One on one counseling is provided to individuals who are currently living with HIV/AIDS or at high risk for acquiring HIV/AIDS and other STIs.  The program focuses on building one’s problem-solving, negotiation and decision-making skills in an effort to change behaviors, make healthy choices and reduce the risk of STI transmission.  The goal of the program is to help individuals maintain health, reduce transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and improve one’s overall quality of life.

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Emma Herman, BS
610.566.7540 Ext. 502
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