Katherine (Kae) Patterson was a devoted member of over 30 years, to the Second Time Around Parents Group.  Ms. Kae, as she was affectionately called by many, was a person who all the Media Group looked to for guidance and support.  She offered sound advice and encouraged every participant during the difficulties related to this role of raising grandchildren.  Ms. Kae always helped others see the benefits of taking on the responsibility of caring for their grandchildren, great grandchildren and other youth relatives. Ms. Kae facilitated the “Stop In Center” for many years at the Media Presbyterian Church.  This meeting was held during the day and made it possible for many to continue engaging with the group.

Several members of the group expressed their thoughts about Ms. Kae, which include:  “She was a fantastic person and most caring person, who was very supportive and would not let you give up, she never let anything get her down, so inspirational, she was focused on being positive, no matter what the obstacles were, we were just going to figure it out.”  In addition, members fondly noted that “Ms. Kae always took pride in her appearance”.

Ms. Kae and another member of the Media Group were very instrumental in connecting the agency to a local State Representative and participated in a few meetings with local State Representatives.  Ms. Kae was very passionate about The Second Time Around Parents group and was in the process of helping to gather information of support to provide to our local State Representatives.  Ms. Kae continued to be a strong advocate for the Second Time Around Parents, and was always spreading awareness.

She will always have be a very important and memorable member of the Second Time Around Parents.