Thank you for visiting our testimonial page! Here, we will present to you real life thoughts and feelings from people who have experienced the help and care here at the Family & Community Services of Delaware County.

Family Counseling & Therapy

“The therapy sessions helped me get my life together.”

“I was having some trouble with my family. My dad was pretty distant and kept my half-brother from seeing me. I dropped out of college because the stress got too much, and fell into a depression. My mom saw something was going on with me, and got me to see a therapist. These sessions really helped me because I started to open up more and talk about what was on my mind, something I could not do so easily before. I started to see my friends more, became a bit closer to my family, and I plan to go back to college. My goal is to get to know my father better. I like that I can speak what’s on my mind, and I am optimistic about the future.”

When asked to describe their therapy sessions with one word, they replied: “Happy”.

–Therapy and Family Counseling Session Client

Second Time Around Parents (S.T.A.P.)

“Nobody understood like they did. . . Now I feel empowered!”

“I stumbled upon F&CS online, and I had no idea how this community would change me. I was a grandparent seeking help raising my grandchild, post-adoption period. I was afraid at first; I felt like I was failing as a parent and I didn’t want people to know that I needed help. I could not be happier that I started attending the S.T.A.P. meetings. I began to feel more comfortable with my situation, knowing that there are people out there who understand and who won’t let you give up. The sense of community here is incredible, and there are new resources every week. Before joining this group, I felt disjointed and uneducated. Now, I feel empowered!”

–S.T.A.P. Participant

“The best part of being a grandparent is the grandchildren.”

“I came as support for a friend of mine, and 30 years later I am still coming. I would definitely recommend S.T.A.P. to other grandparents raising their grandchildren. I stayed to gain general knowledge and information about the adoption process, and ended up touching the heart of three other grandparents for them to adopt their grandchildren. I feel like I can talk to anyone here about anything, and they will listen and understand because they are in a similar situation. The best part about being a grandparent is the grandchildren, and I want to be smart for them!”

–S.T.A.P. Participant

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